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Giles Wing of Vermont

     There are many hundreds of the descendants of Giles Wing, of Vermont, who for years have been looking for the missing link in the chain connecting Giles with the parent family at Sandwich. The Owl has the pleasure of solving the problem for them. Giles Wing is No. 1201 in Dr. Wing's "John Wing of Sandwich." His parentage is unaccounted for. Dr. Wing states that Giles is reported to have come from Scotland to America with a brother named Benjamin. The place of his settlement in this country was said to have been Danby, Conn. (perhaps Danbury, Conn., but possibly Danby, Rutland County, Vt., as I find no such town in Connecticut - Owl ED) and then in Clinton County, N. Y.," adds the doctor, who further states that Giles Married, first, Mary Cornell, and by her had five sons and two daughters, viz: John, Samuel, Joseph, (born Feb. 28, 1782), Giles, Matthew, Catherine and Elizabeth. By a second wife named Beulah Button, he had Abigail, Hyrum, Orange, Margaret, and Delorum. He had a third wife named Phebe Dunham.
     Joseph Wing,5 son of Matthew4 and Elizabeth (Ricketson) Wing (stephen3, John,2, Matthew1), who lived near Hicks' Bridge in Dartmouth, now Westport, No. 63, married Catherine ----. The records of Dartmouth show that all of his children were born in that town on the following dates:
   1: Zerviah, born 3d month, 20, 1718.
   2: Edward, born 3d month, 23, 1719.
   3: Matthew [6 - DNW], born 10th month, 26, 1721.
   4: John, born 7th month, 19, 1731.
   5: Daniel, born 12th month, 1, 1734.
     Dr. Wing gives an account of all the descendants of Joseph and Catherine with the exception of those of Zerviah and Matthew, of whom he had no records more than their birth.
     In the first edition of "John Wing of Sandwich," printes 1881, appeared this note:
     " Mr. Stephen Wing, of North Granville, Washington County, N. Y., writes that his great-grandfather was Joseph of Dartmouth, Mass., whose wife was Catherine; that this Joseph had two sons, Matthew and Daniel, and he thinks a third named Benjamin; that his grandfather (matthew) married Elizabeth Sisson, moved to Danby, Rutland County, Vermont, the first year of the Revolution, and had two sons, Giles and Matthew; that this matthew (his father) married for his first wife, Catherine Bullis ( Butler) of Manchester, Bennington County, Vermont, by whom he had one son, Benjamin; for his second wife, Keziah Jenkins and had five sons, viz: John, Daniel, Stephen, Seneca and Anson, and the he himself (stephen) had one son, John J."
     Dr. Joseph Smith Wing,[9 - DNW] of Fairview, Utah, son of Joseph[8 - DNW] and grandson of Giles[7 - DNW], wrote us under date of Jan. 23, 1896:
     "When I communicated with Dr. Conway P. Wing and gave him what information I did my mother's letter (written by my brother (Stephen Wing) was misplaced and I only recollected a part of the information it contained, but subsequently I found it and gave its contents. They are reliable.
     "My father, Joseph Wing, was born at or near Danby, Rutland County, Vermont, at the foot, or near the foot of the Green Mountains, where, in the spring of the year, they made much maple sugar. I have heard them tell an incident of a bear carrying off a churn of sugar some distance from camp. My mother, Amy Pettis, was born within some two miles of Hartford, Conn., as a I have heard her say. After their marriage, they lived for awhile in the town of Albury, New York, but moved from there "the cold season". If I remember right, Alburg laid between the lake and Canada, and they moved from there in the winter, crossing the lake on the ice. They next settled in the town of Locke, some fiften mile from Cayuga Bridge. This I remember from mother's talk. They next removed to Mecca, Trumball County, Ohio, where I was born, Sept. 18, 1830.
     "I have heard mother tell of step-grandmother Beulah and of her children, but I do not remember hearing anything of a third wife. My father's sister, Abigail, married Jonathan Moshier, I have heard my mother say, My grandfather's sister married a Mr. Salisbury. I am satisfied that my ancestors must have lived in Vermont at the time of the Revolutionary War, because of the great pride our folks took in the name applied to Vermonters-"Green Mountain Boys"--and I have a vague memory of hearing of some of my ancestry taking part in the Revolution. "Old Ethan Allen", as they called him, was quite a character to them, and his expoits, especially at Ticonderogia, were recounted to me by my mother in my very early childhood.
     "A cousin, Giles N. Wing, son of my uncle matthew, told me much of my grandfather, Giles Wing. My grandfather seems to have been a very strong man and was very seldom "outlifted" at logging-bees. He lived to be 103 years of age, and at that advanced age took great delight in breaking the hand-spikes left over at a looging bee, as it seems was the custom in those times.
     "My father was the next youngest son of Giles by Mary Cornell; Matthew being the youngest. There is not the least doubt that the genealogy I gave of myself is entirely correct, and that my granfather Giles [7 - DNW] was the son of Matthew [6 - DNW], and I am quite sure they lived for a good number of years in Rutland County, Vermont. I have heard my father talk familiarly about the "Mohawk Flats" in New York, and of their being very Sandy, and how they sowed plaster in them, and in planting corn they often placed a small fish in each hill as a fertilizer. I have no knowledge when my grandfather died, or of his brother Matthew. My own father died at or near the age of 62, when I was twelve years old, and I am now passed 65"
     It will be readily seen from the foregoing letters that Matthew Wing ,5 son of Joseph and Catherine of Dartmounth, settled at [end page 141 - DNW] Danby, Rutland County, Vermont, and had at least two sons named Matthew and Giles, and perhaps, a daughter Abigail. The "History of Danby" states that on William Wing was admitted a citizen of the town in 1789.
     Giles Wing is said to have lived for a time in Clinton County, New York. In a late number of the Plattsburgh Republican under the head lines, "Plattsburg's Orginal Settler," is An Account of 3,000 Acres of Land Set apart & sold for the Encouragement of Settlers" in 100 acre lots. This was August 23, 1785. Of these thirty lots, Peter Roberts, Timothy Baker, Samuel Beem, Amos Waters and Jiles Wing appear among the purchasers. It is about 25 miles from Plattsburgh to Alburg, on Grand Ilse in Lake Champlain, Where Dr. Joseph Smith Wing States his father once lived.


     Dr. Joseph Smith Wing now lives at Kingston, Piute County, Utah. In an account of himself recently given to Mrs. Chamberline, the family historian, he states: I am a self-made man; got what little schooling I ever had in a log school-house, setting upon a slab bench, and but three months after I was twelve years of age. I was born in Mecca, Trumball County, Ohio, Sept. 18, 1830. It was then but a new country, and six years after moved to Pike County, Missouri [should be Illinios - DNW]. Both places were new in settlement, and I have ever been on the frontier marching westward until I reached Utah in 1862, and since that time have been in the frontier settlements of Utah and in the mountains in the mining camps. I was the first discoverer of gold in Mary's Vale, Piute County, in 1865, in the month of December, and returned to that county again in 1898. I am very busy in the practice of medicine, which I began in 1857. I enclose my likeness taken in 1872, for you and the others to inspect. I think it bears some of the family features, as expressed by those whose portraits appear in Dr. Conway P. Wing's book. I will be 72 years old on the 18th of the present month, and I wish all success to the present undertaking."*

     *The "History of Danbry" says" Joseph Wing came from Darmouth in 1775. He emigrated from England at a early day and settled at Danby, VT. He had two commissions under King George I: first as Constable, and second, as Captain of Militia. He died in 1810, aged 90. His children were Giles, Matthew, Ruth, Elizabeth and Mary. Ruth married Jesse Irish. Elizabeth married John Saulsbury; Mary married Elibu Allen. Giles married four times, and settled first Mt. Tabor, then in Danby and lived there several years. He died in St. Lawrence County, N. Y. Matthew Wing married twice first, Catherine Bullis, and second Keziah Jenkins. She died in 1839, aged 70. He came to Danby with his father when 12 years old, and died at Mount Holly in 18__, aged 50. His children were Benjamin, Catherine (died young), John, Daniel, Stephen, Seneca, Nelson --- (died young), Anson, Andrew, Hains and Charles. John died in Granville, N. Y., in 1856, aged 66. Daniel married marry Potter, of Granville, and liveds in West Rutland. Benjamin marriedElsie Nicholes and settled first in Canada and second, in Mt. Holly, Vt., where he died. Seneca became a physician and settled in Illinois; married twice, first, to Jane Ewing, and second, Lulu Stotes. Anson married Mary A. Davenport of Mt. Holly, and died in 1868. Stephen married Elizabeth Harwin.
     The foregoing is probably correct, except the statement that Joseph Wing was the founder of the family in Danby. It was Joseph's son Matthew. - Owl ED.

[Note all spelling as in article except were noted by me - DNW]
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